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Welcome to PowerStructure!

We are a wellness education company located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and Capital City of Austin. Being convinced that posture is a health issue, Power Structure is committed to partnering with corporate wellness programs to:

  • Promote health and productivity in the workplace
  • Reduce stress and injury in the workplace
  • Foster a better work environment

Onsite seminars conducted by licensed facilitators teach PowerStructure's patented techniques to better help the modern day worker relate to his/her work environment. Our website is designed to:

  • Give you information about PowerStructure
  • Provide Seminar Participants access to information about wellness and give them a vehicle to measure their success
  • Make available products which will improve your overall wellness and quality of life

"Best of luck on your path to greater wellness and happiness, and remember it all starts with you!"
Cindi Koch, RMT
Founder and President
Spine Time
Wellness Tips
Mr Bones

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