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Wellness Tips

Tabloid headlines:

  • Look 10 lbs. lighter!
  • 7 Steps to a Younger You!
  • Better Body in 15 Minutes a Day!

Proper posture does all of this and more - Learn to see posture as a positive in your life.
Life is all about choices-lessen the odds of back pain and limited mobility by choosing to emphasize positive posture habits.

An elongated core is the foundation for your personal PowerStructure.  Before you strengthen your body’s muscles, you need to lengthen them.  5 minutes of PowerStructure, done 3 times a day, builds better posture-your foundation for a more efficient body.

Movement is essential to good health.  Freeing your core muscles empowers your body to move.  Take charge-make movement a habit.

Working out, jogging, participating in sports, utilizing ergonomics at work- all of these are wonderful.  But nothing we do externally will compensate for what we refuse to do for ourselves internally.  Stretch yourself-to positive posture.
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Wellness Tips
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