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"I'm a Hatha Yoga instuctor.

I started doing PowerStructure stretches at the beginning of my class before the starting the Sun Salutation (a series of yoga poses used to warm up the body).

Immediately, my students and I noticed more fluidity in those yoga sessions.

Personally, I had just returned from a trip spending 3 hours in a car & sleeping in a very firm bed for 3 nights and expected to be somewhat tight during my yoga session. After starting with the PowerStructure, I was surprised to find just the opposite - that any tightness I expected was not to be found! I have been doing yoga for 25+ years and was genuinely surprised to have experienced that after doing the PowerStructure stretches.

I have found the PowerStructure poses easy, convenient, and extremely helpful in balancing the body even before starting a yoga session."

Amber Babcock
Cypress, Tx

"After back surgery and leaning over a walker for an extended time, I found using Power Structure very beneficial. It was useful in getting my muscles back into their normal position and consequently my muscle spasms decreased. It helped me straighten up my posture, helped my sense of balance, and helped me  to move more easily After leaning over a desk to fill out the myriad of insurance forms, I also used Power Structure to again get the stiffness out of my shoulders and neck and back in proper upright posture. I would definitely recommend using Power Structure to anyone recovering from similar surgery, as one of the ways to get your body and posture back into form."

Linda Broadbent
Spinal Surgery Patient

"Before using the Power Structure exercises I could not raise my hands above my shoulders without pain, I could not put on a shirt or coat without pain, and I could not hold a magazine or newspaper in front of me for more than five minutes without pain (this was particularly troublesome because I sing in a choir).  After doing the Power Structure exercises intensively (at least six times a day) for six months, I was able to go back to feeling normal.  I still do the exercises at least three times a day or when needed."

Jeff Batt

"Hello! I am a flight attendant for a major airline, with an unusual testimony for Cindi Koch's wonderful Power Structure. For those of you who are too young to remember when smoking was allowed on airplanes, here's a brief mental picture of this experience. Imagine being confined in the back of an airplane, when shortly after take-off, a bell rings, and simultaneously a no-smoking light sign is extinguished. Like Pavlov's dogs, all the smoking passengers light up their cigarettes at once, filling the silver container to which you are confined to breathe in with smoke. Fortunately, not long afterwards, the seat belt light would go out as well, allowing the flight attendants to work and quickly move to the front of the cabin for a welcomed reprieve from the smoke. George Carlin made his point well when he said, '...having a no-smoking section on an airplane was like having a no peeing section in a pool.'     

To help my personal situation, I taught myself to deeply inhale and hold my breath as I walked through the smoking section...everytime. Can you imagine the gazillion times I held my breathe and for how long? I became a champion breath-holder! Little did I know the stress monster I was creating inside my body. Sometime after smoking was banned on the airplane, I was in a biofeedback session when the therapist asked me: "..are you aware that you are not breathing?" I explained the smoking story and how I frequently catch myself holding my breath. The habit haunts me to this day.  

Cindi Koch's Power Structure has helped strengthen my chest cavity that had gotten so weak. The beauty of going through the simple exercises is renewing and feels soooo soothing, peaceful, and wonderful. Also important for me are the words Cindi uses to describe the exercises, like "liberty," "victory," "balance."  Or,  when I see the symbol of a Target store.  These are now trigger reminders to me to breathe deeply and strengthen my posture. I am deeply grateful for Cindi's program coming into my life, as it is helping me not only strengthen, but also awaken and restore my breathing habits. What is more precious than breath? Without it, there is no life!  Thank you, Cindi Koch."

Cindy Tanner
Flight Attendant


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